Corfu, the green island!
A forest of about 3 millions ancient olive trees with pointed cypresses looming up steeply forms the sight of the landscape of Corfu.
In the hilly interior of the island many idyllic mountain villages invite you to dreamy and relaxing walks and cosy restaurants to a comfortable being together.
Women with donkeys and sheeps, crossing the street, are no rareness on the island.
The highest mountain, the Pantokrator with an altidude of 906 m, offers wanderers and bikers adequate challenge.
The larger towns of Corfu and the capitol Corfu-Town (Kerkyra) are located in the coastal area.
Kerkyra, the elegant city, built in venetian style, with its narrow alleys, countless pavement cafés, beautiful shops and friendly people always being in a good mood, has a great fascination to its visitors. Therefore Kerkyra is called the most beautiful town of Greece.
The airport with its spectacular site of the runway towards the sea is also located in Corfu-Town.
The coasts of Corfu are manifold. In the North and West of the island you can find miles of sandy beaches, partly below high reefs. Many bays - some of them can only be reached by boat - offer undisturbed bathing pleasure.
In the East and South of the island the beaches are smaller, but in return there is no long way to the sea.